It had happened to this man, unfortunately, he didn’t make it when he got shot to death. Let me explain something here. We try very hard to make our life go so smoothly, suddenly comes a bad situation. So we reroute privately and get back on course. The first thing y’all normally do is review the scenario. To find the cause for the embarrassment that just arrived. If it’s the loss of money we go and make up for it. When trouble arises we figure a way to handle it. People know that God allows bad things.

When bad things happen we’re sad, and then we forget and go on with our lives. The Heavenly Father is all our joy, if he’s not yours then shame on you and that wicked life you love so much. I care about all things, and will not be troubled over bad things. I will call on the Lord and rule over the things I suffer. When bad things happen it makes me get closer to the Lord. Asking the Lord for favor and praying for one another is my intention. I know he will hear me and solve my problems, great is our father in heaven!

Listen Very Closely

When bad things happen, we must correct ourselves, for God will punish us. Let me be the first to tell you about it, for disobeying God i’ve suffered so much and i refuse to sin again.

Norris Mcdonald

The only time bad things happen some times is when you let them. If you stay away from evildoers, pray, and fast. life goes smoothly. Yes,’ bad things happen to people of all races, do not fool yourself to think that it’s only for a certain group. The Lord will let things happen to you, now you know why we fear him.

Gods Voice

Walk beside God while you are here on this plain, you will not be put to shame. That means to be put to death by your enemies. You cannot come back and do anything. You don’t need a bible because God has placed all we require in our minds. personalities struggle over that bible it’s arguments. The creator understood that so he has composed in us. The Simple truth. Regard the little kids and also pray.

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