When my dad transitioned, I felt sorry for him. I always tried to have a relationship with him, it seemed that it was a distant one. I always tried to talk with him about the Lord, he would say ” I don’t know anything about that”. Now he’s there with the one who made all things. I pray that he found peace, my aunt said he knew he was going to die. We inherited his land he didn’t want anyone on it while he was here. I can now enjoy it, how can I really when he’s not here. I’m constantly being reminded of the time will come for me to transition, it helps me to stay focus on the Lord and the path that leads to him. Many don’t want to travel the road that leads to life, thank God I’m one of those who has been spared. What I get out of the life I had with my dad is we should have enjoyed God together. There are evil forces in the world, they can be overcame just by standing on truth and righteous. For the Lord knoweth the ways of the upright, he keeps our mind stayed on him. I miss my dad and also my moma, but I keep my mind stayed on my Heavenly Father. Before any of you leave this world know for sure that you have done all you could do to stand in faith, that means you trusted God in all situations. To the reader of this post, if the Lord has put on your heart to give and bless this platform do it for his sake, not just because I’m talking about my dad.

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