Original Men of The Earth

Why haven’t the original men of the earth, engage in combat, with caucasian men? Some say they are afraid, others say they can’t think for themselves. What we mean original men, black or African man. the first to inhabit the earth. Caucasian men hide behind the police department as a means of war tactic. They shoot unarmed original men. Their superiors allow them to do so. God has not given blacks permission to destroy the caucasian. Once he does, the men of the whole world will join in.

New Report

African men do not want to govern everything, they turned it over to caucasian men. The African men know that once the war starts, they’ll have to govern America. They don’t want to, that’s why they allow Caucasian men to do what they do. Doing the work of running this country. God is allowing trouble to stir up the original men. Like watching Caucasian men kill their children in traffic. And treat them unfairly .

World Leader

Original Men Time to Rule

The creator will always help them. He will be with them in war. God has allowed them to be confused, they kill one another. When hatred for one another turns toward Caucasian men, they’ll kill them night and day like they do each other.

The original men and women, are educating themselves. Their doctors, lawyers, scientist, and military men and women. Things are changing for them in America. Start by changing the name of America. Second they shouldn’t call themselves black, it’s an adjective. Caucasian men and women wants to stay in control. They cannot, because people crave POWER! God is the one whos going to change it all.

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