LBGTQ is an Abomination, that group of people is mentally unstable. It’s very disgusting the things they practice.We all know it is against the law for same sex marriage and sexual intercourse. If anyone male or female tries to introduce that life style to children they’ll get some sense beat into them! The Lord in his dwelling place ,he placed the rainbow there for a sign of his beauty. they are foolish, sinful people fooling themselves. Now we love the people’ but we hate their evil way’s. They hate God, If you love him you wouldn’t do evil. HELL await them LGBTQ  community of sick twisted wicked freak show. Stay away from us, we are the righteous. Turn from your evil way’s and seek the Lord. If the Heavenly Father kingdom was of this earth, then would we fight.

It's a shame the deeds they do!

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