When Bad Things Happen

It had happened to this man, unfortunately, he didn’t make it when he got shot to death. https://www.globalpower1.com/money-matters/ Let me explain something here. We try very hard to make our life go so smoothly, suddenly comes a bad situation. So we reroute privately and get back on course. The first thing y’all normally do is review the scenario. To find the cause for the embarrassment that just arrived. If it’s the loss of money we go and make up for…

Prayer Works

Thanks to the Heavenly Father, for answering prayer. You must wait for him even in the darkest hour. People, wait on him that made all things. because the world inhabitants, they have become truly wicked. Children killing parents, and parents murdering their children. The wicked will destroy you, they have no use for God. They hate him, so they also hate you. When the evil ones come around you, began to pray. For they don’t want to hear you praying….