Globalpower1 is here, for any and everyone. All you that want to hear the truth in music. We make music that glorifies our maker. Please support us, and let God, LEAD THE WAY! Only the fact can make you free from this world’s fiction. Adhere to the lords calling on you, to be with him in rejoicing and praise. GlobalPower1 is here, come, and you don’t have to worry at all. Help us build this Kingdom here on this earth, so pray and stand firm with us?

Chosen Vessel

The Greatest Gospel Music

Thank you, Thank the Lord for his truths. For he is global, he has all power, and he’s number one. Donate to us as the Father place on your spirit. And never forget to download. So read through the blog and share. It’s going to be fun. There is no where else it seems, that your going to get the truth. We stand for it, as you listen to the music and read the post.

World Leader

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This website is dedicated to praising God. We walk that righteous walk, and talk it. Listen very closely to our artist, you will feel empowered. We love our maker, and we ask you to help us gather the righteous together.

Norris Mcdonald CEO

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