For The Road Is Easy

I often wondered will I ever find true love in a woman. The Lord hasn’t sent me one. I watch people who are in love, they help one another. Do you ever notice how happy they are? We have love from our maker, and we look for it, in the opposite sex. For the road is easy, is speaking of the hardship in not having a spouse. Actually it’s a lonely life, and I live it daily. I personally know that the Lord has a hand in it. That’s why it’s easy!

Loneliness really hurts

Everyone needs someone, to love and care for them. Wow! I don’t want to be like this. So, will you pray for me, as I endure this? Others are hurting to, carrying this burden all alone. I try to help as much as possible, by giving myself to women. They don’t want me, because their not right with the Lord. So endure it you must, there is no way to get around this. The Heavenly Father has placed this in your journey.

For The Road Is Easy

Look out every day, and keep on waiting for the Lord to send you somebody. This life would be so much better with a wife or husband. Until then, let’s keep our focus on recieveing, from his hands.

Son of God

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