Blessings Upon Blessings

We are blessed my wife and I, The lord is showing us much favor. I am learning to be a good husband, I ask of the Lord if he will allow us to reach our goals. Let me pray, “Heavenly Father you hold all power and you are just in all that you do. You are aware of all things, will you help us against our enemies? We put our trust in you because you are the source of all life”. I personally have a strong desire to please God. We can do wonderfully well If the Lord so desire that for us. Let me think of a way to make him happy. First I will walk the way he want’s me too, and I will talk the way he likes. The Lord is my joy and some is missing out. Ask the Heavenly Father dear reader, if he would grant me my petitions. Many are being blessed without measure, I would like to as they say LEVEL UP. I walked away from a blessing the other day and now I regret it. Well, their are goals that I haven’t  reached yet. But those Blessing upon Blessings are here!

Please don't forget to pray for one another

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